A New Journey

The impact of music is undeniable. It’s spiritual, when you feel the heart in an artist’s words. It’s fun when friends dance together to their favorite songs. We empathize with sad lyrics and feel joy in upbeat rhythms. No matter where you’ve been or what you’ve gone through, music moves something deep inside.

That’s why I was honored when Ben Myers asked me to join his music team, a few short weeks ago. It wasn’t Ben’s reputation as one of Long Island’s best musicians that attracted me to join him. He painted a big vision of the future.
He’s one of the premier musicians on Long Island. Famous for his passion, he’s gained a huge following over the past year and a half. Whether he’s playing at a coffee shop or the Tanger Outlets, Ben Myers gets the crowds moving to his tunes. His dedication blows me away.

I’ve known Ben for over a decade. I’ve watched him accomplish his goals over the years. Even through tough times, he continues fighting to achieve them. His confidence always inspired me and I had to join in his journey.

Ben’s first step in becoming a world-renowned singer-songwriter is to record his debut album. He wants us to write 100 songs together. It’s ambitious. It’s intimidating. But he believes if we sift through the bad ones, good songs will emerge. I’m ready to work for that.    

My goal for this blog is to share the journey with Ben’s fans. We’ll struggle together. We’ll have fun together. With your support, we can accomplish this great vision.

Wish us luck.

- Ryan Hickey